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    Cosmos (ATOM)
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    $1.97 B
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    $1.08 B
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    238.53 M ATOM
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The Cosmos network consists of many independent, parallel blockchains, called zones, each powered by classical Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) consensus protocols like Tendermint (already used by platforms like ErisDB). Some zones act as hubs with respect to other zones, allowing many zones to interoperate through a shared hub. The architecture is a more general application of the Bitcoin sidechains concept, using classic BFT and Proof-of-Stake algorithms, instead of Proof-of-Work.Cosmos can interoperate with multiple other applications and cryptocurrencies, something other blockchains can’t do well. By creating a new zone, you can plug any blockchain system into the Cosmos hub and pass tokens back and forth between those zones, without the need for an intermediary. While the Cosmos Hub is a multi-asset distributed ledger, there is a special native token called the atom. Atoms have three use cases: as a spam-prevention mechanism, as staking tokens, and as a voting mechanism in governance. As a spam prevention mechanism, Atoms are used to pay fees. The fee may be proportional to the amount of computation required by the transaction, similar to Ethereum’s concept of “gas”. Fee distribution is done in-protocol and a protocol specification is described here. As staking tokens, Atoms can be “bonded” in order to earn block rewards. The economic security of the Cosmos Hub is a function of the amount of Atoms staked. The more Atoms that are collateralized, the more “skin” there is at stake and the higher the cost of attacking the network. Thus, the more Atoms there are bonded, the greater the economic security of the network. Atom holders may govern the Cosmos Hub by voting on proposals with their staked Atoms.

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1/11 Today in @cosmos:
✅governance Proposal #34 🌔LUNA MISSION 🌔 for
funding $ATOM awareness has passed with 74% YES!
Details 👉
129,208 $ATOM will be used to increase awareness on the value proposition of $ATOM and the Cøsmos Hub.
#todayincosmos $ATOM

The deeper I dig into @cosmos, the more bullish I get 🔥

They have relentlessly built Tendermint (consensus algo) since 2014, are about to unleash IBC, which enables true Interoperability, and wrap that into the Cosmos SDK!

And that Github activity is nuts 👀 $ATOM


⚛️🏛 @CosmosGov🏛⚛️

Governance Proposal #34

The community has spoken!
✅✅Proposal Passed✅✅

Now begins a new $ATOMic era for the @cosmoshub in which the stars are YOU!

🚀Let's spread awareness all around the crypto-space!

Jack Zampolin@jack_zampolin

Hey $ATOM holders, thank you for trusting us to market your asset. We won't let you down. Lots of exciting announcements soon!

💰 ICF Financial Report 🧮

As confirmation of its desire for transparency towards the community and its commitment to compliance with current regulations, ICF has published key financial figures and funding activity for Q4



#IRISnet Mainnet 1.0 Upgrade Pre-Announcement

What will happen in the next few weeks?
1⃣irishub v1.0.0 release
2⃣Mainnet upgrade on-chain proposal submission
3⃣Voting for the proposal
4⃣Proposal pass & upgrade announcement publish
5⃣Network upgrade start

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